Mr. DeNiro began his promotional career doing College parties after high school at the tender age of 18. Already a very popular football star, he would turn that popularity into a cult like following that he turned into a business. He eventually gave up his dream of playing in the NFL to pursue his dream of becoming a major promoter.

In September of 1993 he was working with Mr. Al Haymon, one of the most successful African American promoters in America, who had a  tour of concerts & successful after parties. The Concerts were a major success, and in turn Mr. Al Haymon and his associates sensed the potential in Mike DeNiro and took him under their wing & introduced him to the business aspect of concert promotion.

After starting out investing in large scale concert events with industry veterans and artists, it wasn’t long before Mr. DeNiro was promoting major concerts of his own. Mr. DeNiro alone was able to monopolize the concert business in the Midwest Region.

In the years to come Mike DeNiro would work with some of the biggest artists in America, such as R. Kelly, Wu Tang Clan, Lil Wayne, Notorious Big, Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Mike Epps, Master P, The Hott Boyz, Too Short & many more.

In 2004, Mr. DeNiro teamed up with Loosecannon Entertainment to promote & market the Artist Nelly and his Nationwide Apple Bottom Model Search Tour. The Celebrity tour was a major success. Which strengthened their branding & promotional relationship with Nelly, other celebrities and artists in the Entertainment Industry.

Using his personal relationships, Mike DeNiro created a marketing strategy that would change the landscape of Celebrity promotions forever. He, along with business partner Slim of Loosecannon Entertainment begin to use creative marketing plans, sending their own films crews to the homes and studios of the artists, to film very personal video commercials and advertisements for Celebrity events, using their own celebrity images.

At this time it was unheard of to have an artist shoot a video commercial. Other promoters only used radio drops and flyer’s, but Mr. DeNiro with his partnership with Slim, began to utilize these TV commercials and personal Internet video campaigns to promote celebrity events.

What made this so unique was the fact that other promoters didn’t have the relationships with successful artists, to let them film and use their images and names for this type of promotion.

In 2006, he promoted the most successful events at the NBA AllStar weekend in Houston Texas. It was this weekend that solidified Mr. DeNiro’s position as a “Top” promoter, nationwide. Mike DeNiro, Loosecannon Ent along with Diamond Recording Artist Nelly, bought out Club Hush, one of the largest and best looking night clubs in America. One million dollars was spent for the weekend, renaming the Venue “Club Derrty”. The three nights at “Club Derrty”, of the 2006 NBA AllStar Weekend, were the most profitable. This venue had the most notarized NBA players, Hip Hop artists, and R&B singers. Celebrity Host included Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Jermaine Dupri, Usher, Diddy & many more. The parties were such a success that most of the Celebrity personalities wanted to perform or “be seen” at “CLUB DERRTY”. More than 20,000 people turned out for the weekend. To watch the performances of and party with many of these artists and more.

Celebrities from all over the world now requested, Michel DeNiro L.L.C to help brand their products, artists, and music labels. Exclusively marketing promotional events. Also in 2006, Mr. DeNiro expanded his Marketing Firm, adding a Branding Division. The Branding Division would acquire new clients including, NBA Players Derek Anderson and Josh Smith, Artist Nelly and Super Producer Jermaine Dupri.

At this time he created “So So Def Weekend”. Co-Created in conjunction with Jermaine Dupri, this Celebrity weekend in Atlanta, had the who’s-who in music and entertainment, jet setting to Atlanta. The 3 Night 5 Event weekend, would become the standard marquis for the party scene of Atlanta, Georgia, the Southern Home of Hip Hop.

Doing major events like these, it wasn’t long before major Music Labels were seeking the expertise of Michel DeNiro Marketing, L.L.C to create strategic Marketing plans for their Artists’ projects.

In 2009, Mr. DeNiro, seeing the decline of the economy, chose to broaden his spectrum of business ventures, focusing more on his Corporate Marketing abilities and Company Branding, including Sports marketing.

In 2010, Michel DeNiro Enterprises, forged a business relationship with EX NBA star Derek Anderson, creating Loyalty Media Group. A Film Company that has all divisions capable of producing any size feature film project. At this time they have several movies in production.

Michel DeNiro Enterprises, LLC. is a force to be reckoned with. In 2011, this will be a year of great and profitable ventures for Mr. Michel DeNiro, as he has many more projects and ventures to come. The DeNiro Group, L.L.C, a full scale record label. Heartz of Gold Publishing, L.L.C, which will collect fees on behave of songwriters, producers and artists and distributes them as royalties to the members whose work has been performed.